Join Formech at the Fuse Conference, MIT Media Center June 6 2017

Formech is proud to sponsor the first Formlabs' FUSE Conference where delegates will see live demonstrations combining 3D printing and vac forming processes.

                 Formlabs User Conference 2017
                   Introducing NewForm 16:16
                                     Formlabs Form 2

Formech will showcase NewForm, a new entry level vac former designed to bring professional forming capability to your desktop.  Live demonstrations will feature 3D print tool making on FormLab’s powerful Form 2 and rapid vacuum forming replication on NewForm.  See how combining the two processes back to back opens new possibilities for designers to develop, produce and efficiently replicate products to the finest quality.  Learn how Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Disney, Tesla, Adidas and the world’s leading maker spaces and design labs adopt the same processes to materialise and test new product designs in the fastest time.

Formech and Formlabs have teamed up to provide the ultimate desktop factory. At FUSE we will demonstrate how simple it is to print and form multiple, custom designs. As an added bonus and because we are debuting our newest machine, we will be giving attendees a chance to buy the NewForm at a discounted rate, as well as other machines and accessories from our recently launched webshop, Formech Direct. Sign up to get your discount code on June 6 2017.
If you can imagine it you can make it with Formech Direct and Formlabs.

The relationship between Formech and Formlabs is a natural fit because it delivers a viable solution for makers who require professional forming and product design processes at an accessible price. At the conference you will have the opportunity to talk to our experts face-to-face and discuss your projects. From Engineering to Product Design, Toy Making, Dentistry, Model Making & Entertainment, hear expert advice from industry leaders and the Formlabs team. A unique conference where attendees and speakers can all share ideas.

Join us!